• 따따블 치즈 핫도그DdaDdable Cheese Hotdog

    Crispy hot dog with whole Mozza wrapped with cheddar cheese, and nacho cheese sauce and snow white angel hair cheese on

    따따블 치즈 핫도그
  • 모짜 맵구마 핫도그Spicy Sweet Potato Hotdog

    Hot dog with sweet potato, 100% mozzarella cheese and spicy jalapeno sausage

    모짜 맵구마 핫도그
  • 감자 통 모짜 핫도그Potato Mozzarella Hotdog

    100% mozzarella cheese combined with crispy potatoes adds luxury to hot dogs

    감자 통 모짜 핫도그
  • 통 모짜 핫도그Whole Mozza Hotdog

    Mozzarella that you can enjoy from start to finish

    통 모짜 핫도그
  • 감자 핫도그Potato Hotdog

    Tasteful Jumbo Sausages with Sweet and Sweet Potatoes

    감자 핫도그
  • 고구마 통 모짜 핫도그Sweet Potato Mozzarella Hotdog

    Fantastic hot dog filled with mozzarella cheese flavor and sweet sweet potato

    고구마 통 모짜 핫도그


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With the biggest goals of value implementation being ‘a world where everyone is happy’ and ‘coexisting, well-living life’ with lives and happiness of people as our first priority, we lead a new franchise culture through healthy food that suits our taste.

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