• 명랑 핫도그The Original Hot Dog

    Different from the usual hot dog! You will enjoy our secret batter mix-crispy chewy!

    명랑 핫도그
  • 통모짜렐라 핫도그Mozzarella Hot Dog

    Enjoy soft & moist texture of mozzarella cheese dipped in crispy batter

    통모짜렐라 핫도그
  • 통 가래떡 핫도그Rice Cake Hot Dog

    Want to enjoy even more chewy texture? Enjoy Korean traditional rice cake dipped in crispy batter

    통 가래떡 핫도그
  • 체다 치즈 핫도그Cheddar Cheese Hot Dog

    Want to try a different combination? Enjoy our sausage wrapped with cheddar cheese dipped in crispy batter

    체다 치즈 핫도그
  • 점보 핫도그Jumbo Beef Hot Dog

    Meat Lovers! Come & enjoy our premium high Quality 100% beef sausage dipped in crispy batter

    점보 핫도그
  • 통 모짜렐라 소시지 핫도그Mozzarella & Sausage Hot Dog

    Two in one hot dog! Enjoy bites of mozzarella cheese then sausage dipped in crispy batter

    통 모짜렐라 소시지 핫도그


Fun to Pick Your Own Taste



Fair, Opportunity, Happiness

With the biggest goals of value implementation being ‘a world where everyone is happy’ and ‘coexisting, well-living life’ with lives and happiness of people as our first priority, we lead a new franchise culture through healthy food that suits our taste.